Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Why I May Vote For Obama in 2012

Ok, no I don't agree with one thing that Obama says or does, so why would I consider voting for him? It all comes down to an idea that I find rattling around in my head quite often.

"Change will happen only when the pain of not changing exceeds the pain of changing"

America does not get it. Some Americans get it, but we are a vast minority. Many people in America identify as conservative, liberal, libertarian, etc... only because of a tagline. Most Americans don't understand a free market economy, the don't trust it because they've been indoctrinated their entire life to believe it has weaknesses. Most Americans don't understand freedom and liberty are 100% perfect as long as the vast majority believe and support it. Most Americans believe in government regulation of the economy, tsa, violation of rights in matters of national security, etc...

Americans have gotten lazy when it comes to politics, not that I can blame them since they're so filled with lies and smear campaigns. In 2008 voter turnout was supposedly massive, it was 56.9% of the nation that was of age to vote. Of that 56.9% that turned out to vote, 53.6% voted Obama. A total of 30.5% of the nation (that were over 18) voted for Obama, and it was similar for bush I am sure. Yet, he is now the president over 100% of the nation. Only approved (at the time of the election) of by 30.5%, not even one third of the nation. You see how this is a problem?

As I have delved into my research and deep thoughts on freedom I have come to realize that we aren't deserving of freedom. We should be ashamed of our fellows who are too busy to vote, too busy to stay informed, too busy to realize that freedom IS personal responsibility. That each new vote for reliance on government is a slap in the face of our founders, our military, and ourselves. How many times do you hear "that's not my job" or "someone else will do it"? That's laziness talking. I'm guilty myself of much of what I've said above.

The king and queen in Denmark go shopping in the local shopping centers unescorted by secret service. When a citizen was asked why they didn't have any protection he replied; "we're the protection, we won't let anything happen to them." (I saw this on an Anthony Bourdain episode.) That, right there, is a nation that supports their leaders. We as Americans can't support our leaders this way because only 30.5% of the population thought he was worth voting for. For every 10 citizens only 3 were willing to put in the effort of going to the ballot box and voting for him. That leaves 7 that will allow or cause harm to him. That's why he runs around with secret service within our nation.

The USA is not the USA, it's the DSA (divided). When our once great nation was founded, it was founded by people with very similar ideals. They were almost all christian, most of which were devout, they all hated taxes, they all believed in hard work and personal responsibility, they were all willing to die for these causes. Today we are still mostly christian, but many are not devout, and if they are, they are ridiculed and belittled by any outsiders. Our christian faith is under constant attack and we just take it every time. Most of our country supports raising taxes in one fashion or another. Very few believe in personal responsibility or hard work, just look at the lawsuits out there, look at the people that are for social security, medicare/medicaid, food stamps, etc... Very few people are willing to die for their country, look at the protests of the recent wars. The draft dodging of the Vietnam war, imagine if they instituted the draft right now, how much havoc and protest would take place?

So what keeps us united? It's not our ideals. For a while, 1985-2005ish, it was our greed or love of material goods, but that's all melted away. People have increased from greed to entitlement, they want everything, without working. Only the top 53% of our nation pays any income tax at all, yet, all believe they are equally entitled to public goods.

Side project: think of the nation as a cart filled with and being pulled by citizens. right now there are 53 citizens pulling a cart with 47 citizens in it. Is it a wonder that the economy has slowed down? The productive class is almost equaled by the unproductive class.

Lets get back to the original thought:

"Change will happen only when the pain of not changing exceeds the pain of changing."
Look at the republican primaries, they are all just a little less socialist than Obama, except Ron Paul. Ron Paul has done nothing for 30 years except vote against unconstitutional projects, even if he got elected he would have to deal with the house and senate which are filled with socialists. Ron Paul won't get the nomination anyway, so I won't spend more time on him.

So lets say we vote in any one of the republican nominees, here is what they have to do: repeal obamacare, secure the border, abolish the FDA, abolish the DOE, abolish the EPA, undo the "separation of church and state", abolish the fed, salvage the bailouts, institute a flat tax, overhaul the military, abolish the welfare system, get us out of the UN, and this is just the tip of the iceberg. It is IMPOSSIBLE to do, so they'll do one or two items on that agenda (if we're lucky), and it will cause plenty of pain and suffering, but that's the price of freedom right? Nope, freedom is free (not)! The American people won't put up with ANY pain and suffering, they weren't willing to put up with just HEARING of pain and suffering to our troops on the other side of the globe. Our troops were more than willing to put up with it, but the general public wasn't. So if you actually believe that the public will put up with pain and suffering caused by enacting any set of these laws/repeals, you are delusional. They will go out and vote democrat as fast as they can.

So all we are doing is slowing our descent into socialism, which is exactly what needs to happen to keep people pacified on the ride. As the ride speeds up (like it did when obamacare was forced down our throats) people wake up and look around, wondering where they are at, but if all seems to settle back down (a republican gets elected) they go right back to sleep.

So really there is no saving America. Voting Obama back in is not going to keep us from our doom, but what it will do is wake up the people on this train as it speeds up, allow them to prepare themselves to survive the crash that is upcoming. So that when we do hit the inevitable end of the road, and chaos ensues we can be prepared and survive to rebuild, rewrite, and reinvent the USA, in all of its original glory, only this time we will make the constitution a stronger document for freedom.

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