Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Cleaning up ...but stopped by a crazy judge

The filth is getting cleared out of Zucotti park! Hooray!


Some may try to argue that this steps on the right of free speech and freedom of assembly, but they’re as stupid as the people down there protesting. What is the purpose of free speech? To allow all ideas to be discussed in the public square. Did OWS get their ideas out there? They sure think so. Chris Johnson (protestor) said that the protest “has opened up a dialogue that hasn’t existed since I’ve been alive.” Which proves they believe their right to free speech has been satisfied. Now, the reason there hasn’t been a dialogue like this during mikes lifetime is because it’s been played out in the history books, and up until now people were educated enough to understand that. Mikes generation, on the other hand, has been spoon fed liberal lies about how the world works and why. So he (and those like him) believe this is a good dialogue, and so long as they are willing to allow it to be a dialogue, not a one sided scream fest, then it will serve its purpose to educate these foolish people.

What is the purpose of freedom of assembly? To allow people to come together and show unity for or against a cause. Were the occupiers allowed to assemble? YES! So these yells of a “police state” are unfounded, as their rights have not been trampled.

They have been breaking the law (camping in a no camping area) but the government and the people were tolerant and allowed them to share their displeasure. However, the protestors have been anything but tolerant. They have stolen from each other, raped each other, assaulted police officers for upholding the laws, and commenced in hate speech that hasn’t been seen in a protest this big in quite some time.

The article then goes on to say:

“The protest spawned others and attracted celebrities and well-known performers. It became a tourist attraction, inspired more than $500,000 in donations and gained the support of labor unions and elected officials while creating division within City Hall and the Police Department.”

Which is a lie, it didn’t spawn others, they were all planned from the get go. It didn’t “gain” the support of labor unions, it was planned and executed by them. As you can see here

I don’t believe this will be the end of this movement, in fact, I believe this may very well be part of the plan. In the spring, the protestors will return and they will become much more violent and hateful, they will call it the “American Spring” and they will pull out all of the stops. It will be a full on push for revolution, more than likely in a violent manner.

It appears a judge has taken matters into his own hands, playing the mayor. A judge has ordered them to stop the new rules (which are just old rules, being enforced). But it remains unclear what the effects of the ruling will be.

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