Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Truth

I'm starting this blog to search for and provide people with the truth, the absolute reality and consequences of that reality that we live in. How this truth affects our political affiliations, and who is right or wrong based on these truths.

There will be a large amount of opinion in this blog, but that opinion will be based on the facts that I have observed and understand.

In the political realm, thoughts and beliefs are divided up into the right and the left. The right ideology (for the most part) is based upon facts. The left ideology (for the most part) is based upon fantasy and feelings. I contend that the only way that the left ideology wins support is by making people do the following; feel bad about their selves, believe that they deserve more, and provides them with hate for others to outweigh the hate they have for themselves.

Let me explain:

A common denominator in the left wing arsenal is name calling. For instance if one is against homosexual acts, one will be called a bigot. Merriam Webster's defines bigot as: a person obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices; especially: one who regards or treats the members of a group (as a racial or ethnic group) with hatred and intolerance. So, you have to ask yourself if you are intolerant or hateful toward homosexuals. If you wouldn't yell at a homosexual walking down the street, for no reason other than the fact that they are homosexual, then you are tolerant. One can disapprove of another's actions without having hatred of that person. Think of it this way: I disapprove of drinking alcoholic beverages because it is bad for the body. I do not hate those who may choose to drink, however if asked my opinion I will gladly let them know where I stand on the issue. So, do you hate homosexuals? Are you intolerant of homosexuals?

If you have said 'no' to both of these questions, as most people do, then you are not a bigot, yet you still disapprove of homosexuality. I will go more into homosexuals in a later post, for now let’s get back on topic. You have determined you are not a bigot, yet that will not stop the name calling. As can be observed on any grade school playground, name calling is resorted to when a child runs out of usable ammunition in an argument. The same can be said for the left and their name calling. The point of this part of an argument is to break your train of thought, to make you feel bad about yourself in hopes that they can win on a different playing field since they have lost on the playing field of thought and rational thinking. If this catches you off guard, they will win on this playing field because as a rational, tolerant, thoughtful person, you will question your own motives. While they, on the other hand, will bask in the glory of stroking their ego. They won’t give their intentions or motives a second thought.

Thinking they deserve more:
An almost certain aspect of any leftist campaign is to play Robin Hood. They want you to believe that just by showing up to life, you deserve a house, education, food, transportation, communication, and a slew of other entitlements. The problem with this is that it makes for a lazy, selfish, and entitled generation. I will spend a lot of time going into this here, so I won’t be too long winded now. Is anything in life free? No. Even if you get something for free, someone, somewhere, paid for that item or service, either through labor or money. This is a problem when the government gives out freebies because who is stuck with the bill? The taxpayers. Did the taxpayer offer his or her labor or service to you in exchange for nothing? No, the government whored them out against their will to buy your vote.

Hate for others:
As demonstrated in the bigot example, who was the true bigot? Was it the person who disagreed with homosexuality? Or was it the person who lost an intelligent debate and resorted to angrily calling names? The person calling names only appears to win that debate because they are not intellectually honest with themselves, they won’t examine their motives. They won’t do this because it is in this fleeting moment of false victory, that they don't feel bad about themselves. At least, they believe you feel worse about yourself than they do. They hate anyone who does not agree with their ideology. They hate the fact that you are entitled to an opinion that's different and, and is much more logical than theirs. By simply having a different view from them, they resort to name calling. Why? Hatred that puts them above you (but, only in their mind).

The right is right and the left is wrong.

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