Monday, November 14, 2011

The hatred of the occupiers

Take a look at this article:

This is a classic liberal move. They push, push, push, until someone does exactly what they want (torches cars, carves swastikas into benches, writes kkk everywhere, etc…) then they get a group to go out and protest against these actions. Just like the fake arrests, this is nothing more than showmanship. Notice that they could only get 25 people to rally together AGAINST REPEATING THE HOLOCAUST!!! But, when it comes to a successful banker, making more than they see fit, they rally up 10,000 people.

This is exactly what the left wants. Why? Because they’re America apologists. They are sorry that we are America, that we offend people with our Christian values, that we offend people with our wealth, that we offend other countries by providing them a chance at the American dream. The left, and Obama especially, are sorry that we are the greatest nation on the planet. Just yesterday he was saying America has gotten lazy. REALLY?!? Wait a minute, Americans work 40+ hours, 5 days per week, with three major holidays that they get off, an average of 14 days of vacation per year, and retirement is at 65. Does that seem lazy to you?!? Most of Europe works 35 hours or less, 5 days a week, with about 10 major holidays where everything shuts down, 1-2 months of vacation per year, and retirement at 60 or less.

Now, this doesn’t mean that America hasn’t gotten into MORE lazy ways. We used to be much harder workers, with no government retirement. So some people worked until they died, while others planned for retirement and saved. The root of our lazier state is government programs. You don’t have to work for food anymore, because those that do work will pay for your food stamps. You don’t have to work for housing anymore, because those that do work will pay for your rent. You don’t have to work for your vices (beer, cigs, etc…) anymore, because those that do work will pay for them as well. So where is the motivation to work? The only people that work are those that want to make a better life for themselves, the ones that want more for their children and families. The selfish folks, who don’t care about their kids or their families, no longer have motivation to work. They don’t need to, because they will be taken care of and that’s all that matters to them.

Back to the point, take a look at the list I posted earlier of those in support of the OWS movement. Now, is there any doubt in your mind that this hateful attack on Jews came from outside of this movement? It’s abundantly more clear (at least it should be) to you, why they were only able to rally 25 marchers for a good cause.

The media claims over and over, “this is a mostly peaceful movement”, but this stands against them as a testament. If this were a mostly peaceful movement they would have been able to rally more support for this march. They were able to rally 5,000 for a police hatred march, 10,000-15,000 for their banker hatred march, and thousands more for their “day of rage”. What do these supported marches all have in common??? HATRED AND RAGE!!!! That’s what these people are full of. Hatred and rage. This just goes to show how much of the movement is peaceful, 25 people. Meanwhile, they’re dominated by thousands who hate.

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