Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Atheist Lie

Atheists have long used science to try to disprove God. It’s but a gimmick of Satan.

Atheist scientists are the shortest sighted people on the planet. They insist the world is millions or billions of years old but refuse to look more than a century or two into the future.

They (atheist scientists) also claim to be "free thinkers", but they are boxed into quite a small corner by their beliefs. They can't believe too much in science or they MUST embrace the idea that it's very plausible there is a God. And they refuse to believe in god because that puts moral obligation on them.

You see, when man comes to an understanding of how something works, he then tries to manipulate it to his favor. This applies to everything from electronics, to medicine, to government programs. It is our nature to harness the natural power around us, and exercise dominion (much like god would) over "lower" forms of intelligence. My dog, for example, does exactly what I tell it to do so long as it understands the command. Whether it is telling her to come to me, or to roll over for my entertainment, it’s an exercise of the power of my higher intelligence over her. (All because god created us in his image, so that we could continue to grow and learn)

Throughout the argument of creationism with an atheist, you will get the typical liberal projection; they tell you that you don't understand science if you believe in God. But, they are the ones that do not understand the very, basic nature of science, and how its future is the same as that future which is contained in the bible. The goal of science IS to prove that there is/can be a god (which is just a higher intelligence/power), otherwise there is absolutely no point to furthering our knowledge. Why? Because, in the end, if there is no proof of man or his accomplishments caused by our complete and utter destruction, this is all just a pointless endeavor.

Let me explain. Science says the sun will burn out. It’s a fact, it cannot, scientifically, burn forever. So ask an atheist scientist if he believes in being "green" to save the planet and if he answers yes, he will be in a very tight spot. Why? Because there is no reason (atheists claim to have higher reasoning skills, falsely) to save what will inevitably be destroyed.

See, if there is no God, then there is only one point to preserving the planet long enough to see the sun die out, and that is to hope that science and technology has progressed to a state where we can find a new planet that will sustain our life. And why would we want to do that?Self preservation, and to further our knowledge and power. If there was no hope, there is no reason to not use our resources in whatever manner we can. If there is no hope of continuing life elsewhere, there is zero reason for progressing. But there is hope, even in the world of science; the hope is to escape death (a hope shared by religion).

Once the sun has died and we have safely gotten to our new home, we will then be looking for ways to prolong the life of the sun, or even create our own. Once that is accomplished, we would move on to creating planets, so that we could expand our race of humanity. Once that is complete, we can create a solar system, which leads to the creation of galaxies, and eventually.... Universes. (gasp! creating universes!? that's creationism!) This would be millions and millions of years off, maybe even billions. But don't kid yourself, self preservation would drive us to this were there no God. This ironically, proves that it is very possible there is a god. The only way to completely discount the existence of a creator is to say we are the most intelligent beings anywhere... But Steven Hawking himself believes that there is more advanced, intelligent life out there somewhere.

So what it really boils down to is either they are performing the devils work (ding ding ding!!). Or they want to claim they're the first to ever do it. Which we wouldn't be, because even according to them, we are probably not the most intelligent life out there.

The best argument they can possibly have against this fact, is that it's impossible to create a universe. But this is so easy to debunk. Their lack of scientific understanding hardly proves it’s impossible. 4k years ago they would have thought it "impossible" to talk to (almost) instantaneously, and see what a man on the moon is seeing (almost) instantaneously.

In a few thousand years man has gone from scratching on cave walls, minimal communications, and bludgeoning dinner to death, to writing with sub-atomic particles, instant satellite communication, and farming/shooting/genetically splicing dinner. If you told a cave man this, they would have called you crazy (were there such a word back then) and had you been able to demonstrate the power to them, they would have called it "magic". Magic is the term a lot of atheists use to describe the belief that god created the universe, and their only defense is that we (theists) can't explain how he did it. Much like the caveman wouldn't be able to explain how we can do what we can now, but that doesn't make it any less true that we can do it. But as anyone who has read and understands the bible knows, god doesn't use "magic", he is just smarter than us, which makes it appear (to the dumbest among us) as magic.

This all goes without mentioning singularity, which many believe may happen before this century ends. With singularity, our scientific understanding and technology will grow at an even more rapid rate, since we don't have to re-educate each new generation up to speed to rely on furthering our knowledge as a race. (Singularity, is eternal life, another thing guaranteed by the bible) So what's the point of singularity if not to escape or conquer the guaranteed death of our sun?

In short, the end goal (for now) of science is to understand how the universe works and where it came from. If we understand how it works and where it came from, given enough time and resources, we will be able to reproduce the settings that created it (yay creationism!). Given the likelihood of us not being the most intelligent life out there, we will not be the first to do it, increasing the likelihood that it was created by someone else.


Atheists cannot be "green" (save the planet because CO2 is destroying it, that kind of green). Why?

A true atheist cannot believe in a future (science or religion) since it inevitably leads to a belief that there is a high probability that there is a god. So, to believe in preserving the planet, acknowledges a future, and in turn completely defies atheism.

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