Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Occupy Movement - Evil Left

The Occupy movement has been going on for about two months now. It's a complete sham of a movement. These poor protestors are being used as pawns.

The Cause:
The goals of these protests are foggy since no one will come out and say" "here are our demands". They claim to be protesting greed, however they are focusing on what they inaccurately describe as income inequality. That is an inaccurate description, because income inequality is two people, with the same experience, doing the same jobs, but receiving different compensation. What the occupiers really want is redistribution of wealth. They believe the rich have too much while the poor have too little. But that is their only unity and they don't have any proprosals to fix this, at least not any proposals that are rational and can be agreed upon. Even within their little camps.

While some of their concerns are legitimate, such as corporations pretty much buying politicians, they can all be solved through the democratic process. However, since this is a fabricated movement with people being paid to be there (which is why they cannot unite on any demands or solutions, they don't share ideologies, they're just there for a paycheck) they don't care that they have nothing in common.

Who is behind it:

This was all planned by unions, backed by george soros and other NWO hopefuls.

These occupy movements have been surrounded with praise and respect from the main stream media, CNN's favorite line is "However, the protests remained mostly peaceful..." this has followed reports of rape, vandalism, torched cars, attacks on police officers, and multiple assaults on conservative conferences.

The Main stream media claims this is a grass roots movement, which it is far from. Anyone who watches the video above knows that these protests that started in mid semptember have been planned for at least 6 months.

The useful idiots:

The actual protestors at this movement are the product of the leftist agenda. They want freebies, they want to complain that life isn't fair. They think they shouldn't have to pay back their student loans (LOL!). As we have seen in greece, socialism leads to selfishness, which in turn leads to diminished future generations whose future has been stolen before they are even born. That's the path the left wants us to take. It doesn't end well.

These people at the occupy movement are being used by the unions and the NWO junkies to further their plan for wold domination. They need to create a crisis to collapse the US economy and put an end to capitalism and freedom. They have already got their tools in place: EPA, FCC, etc... you don't get to vote for who they put in charge of these organizations, but yet they have immense power over our lives. That is not what the constitution was written to do, in fact it was written to do the exact opposite. But anyway, they have the tools in place to destroy the US economy, whether it be through martial law, or through massive over-regulation which we are already seeing.


They have gotten many people talking about this "income inequality" that doesn't exist.
They have had many rapes and sexual assaults.
They have complained about helping the poor.
They have assaulted citizens and police officers.
They have broken windows and vandalized cars/buildings.
There have been multiple deaths (suicides/accidental deaths) at the camps

BUT the most important thing they have done is PROVEN that the communist utopia they desire does not work.

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