Tuesday, November 29, 2011

America, The Fallen

It's been a few days since I posted, but I'm not feeling better about the USA. We aren't run by the corporations, we aren't run by the government, we are run by the media. The media decides everything in our lives (because we let them).

I saw the news today about Herman Cains supposed affair. That's when it really hit me, we don't care about facts, we don't care about privacy, all that we care about is comfort. After Herman Cains first four accusers stopped the baseless, brutality (coincidentally when his poll numbers dropped) he plateaued for a while, then his numbers started to rise again. This didn't go without notice to his opposing forces (whether its reps or dems). Suddenly he had a 13-year long affair. Now I don't know if this is true or not, but being that all she can produce are some phone records (and he admits he actually knew this woman, but claims he never had an affair) I have to side with the man that has a faithful wife, who has stood by him for decades.

Never mind the fact that Newt Gingrich (the current front runner in the republican primary) had two affairs he admitted to and many other questionable parts of his past. Never mind the fact that Bill Clinton raped a woman and there is evidence to prove it. Never mind Barack is a not-so-closet communist. Never mind all of this, the important information is that countless accusations with zero evidence have surfaced on Herman Cain.

Now I could get into the type of person it takes to bring an affair into the public view and the motives behind it, but I'm going to let you think about that.

Instead I'm going to talk about the media bias. Why would they be so concerned about Cains past, but not at all concerned about Newt Gingrich's past? I mean really, if we are being honest to ourselves we have to think about why they haven't been running the questionable background of N.G. all over the news, but Cain who is in third is still getting run through the gauntlet.

The answer is simple, they're picking the republican candidate. They're fine with Romney and Gingrich because they fit into the NWO mold, or at least the media believes they do. Gingrich will sell his values in an instant. He is the exact opposite of principled. He has flip flopped on just about every issue there is. From global warming to healthcare. The powers of the NWO know this, they know that Gingrich is easily bought.

They also believe Romney is a closet liberal and I think he is on a few issues, but you can't argue with his handling of the 2002 Olympics or his personal success in business. I also think he is principled. Opposers of Romney like to talk about how the health care law was modeled after his, and thats fine. What they don't think about is that he was running a state, which has those powers. The federal government doesn't and shouldn't have the power to make you purchase something. Also, they like to point out that Romneys healthcare legislation was a failure. So what? People try and fail all of the time. If we are not electing people because something they did, failed, then this nation is not going to be accomplishing much.

Romney and Gingrich are given a free pass by the media because the NWO thinks they can get to them. Cain on the other hand is a rogue to them, they don't know if he can be bought and he brings solutions to the table, even if they're imperfect, they're solutions. The same can't be said of Romney or Gingrich, they just spout rhetoric.

I was thinking about what I would do if I were running for president when I realized, I would be drug through the mud just like Cain. It doesn't matter that I've never done any of the things they'd accuse me of, they would taint my name if they believed I was a threat to their institution. Until we wake up as Americans, demand the truth, and stop patronizing biased media, we are headed down a dark, lonely road. We need to support candidates no matter what the media says about them. If they can provide evidence, then so be it. But we cannot yield to rumors, that gives others power over us, they can lie lie lie and we'll just keep on believing.

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